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Let me clarify. Any style of trading is difficult. Learning how to trade will be one of the hardest things you will ever attempt to do. Trading the markets can be very lucrative if only a few simple rules can be followed. Unfortunately, many will fail due to the lack of discipline.

If someone tries to sell you their Mechanical Trade Signal System that's a guaranteed sure winner, my advice is to run as fast as you can in the opposite direction. There is risk involved in every trade.

So we practice simple techniques, follow some basic rules and continually improve our mindset to avoid the inevitable costly mistakes.

The more studies, indicators and cross-overs you can have displayed on your charts can usually lead to indecision. If you are not already overloaded with information, it would be fair to say you haven't been trading for very long.

Most people who have been trading for more than three months will suffer from a crippling disease called 'Analysis Paralysis'. Having a confusing amount of signals to look at can have a negative impact on their trading accounts.

Just Eminis has been developed to guide the new or struggling trader. It will show you consistency doesn't have to be complicated. A steadily rising equity line can be achieved with discipline and some basic analysis of the market.

These methods are used with nearly every trading instrument available. We only focus on the Emini S&P.

This site is updated 5 days a week with the latest results and videos. We trade every day the CME is open to show you continual profits can be made. On most days, we only take one trade when successful even if further setups evolve throughout the day.

Have a quick look at my story. We're are not that much different.

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