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Emini Enforcer

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Beginner Box

The Beginner - Starting Your Trading Career

We trade the Emini S&P every morning the CME is open. In order to take advantage of early moves, we need to know if you are truly dedicated to becoming a real trader.

Step by step, we will discuss choosing a suitable broker and getting familiar with their execution platform, setting up your charts without eight screens, plus heaps more. We will go through the basics that most traders forget about when we get stuck in an emergency.

If you have traded before and been out of pocket, we know the last section of 'The Beginner' will be the simplest; but most difficult to overcome. Almost every trader out there has suffered losses due to the lack of understanding some very basic principles. When it's too easy, it doesn't seem important.
We will show you why.

Part One of Three

Beginner Box

Your Toolbox - Simple Secrets used by the Pro's

Many assume the ES takes a random walk. To clarify, price travels in any direction it decides on the day.
What if we could identify patterns?
Patterns that repeat themselves over and over again?
What if these patterns continue multiple times a day?

We have stumbled upon a pattern of which the big players use everyday. So it's our job to grab onto the coat tails upon recognition; but only at the most precise time!

This is the 'Meat' of the Emini Enforcer Online Education.
Here you will begin to see patterns evolve right before your eyes. If you are a trader who does a lot of back-testing, these secrets will answer many unknowns.

Part Two of Three

Beginner Box

The Advanced Trader - Let's Build Your Account

There are some days the market seems to be against us. Losing money hand over fist. The experienced trading knows when to step aside and keep their hands dry.

When the market breaks a particular level, the race begins, cleaning up the amateurs along the way.
Recognizing these levels of pain is key. Trading out of boredom will wipe your account clean.

This is a game of patience where only the fittest will survive. Preying on the juiciest trade will come with experience.

Let's begin building your account!

Part Three of Three

Here is what you will get:

- Course outline with simple to use instructions
- Basic chart and execution platform setup
- Risk free trading - cost positioning
- Getting probability on your side
- How to use a trailing stop loss when a trend changes
- Keeping your cool in an emergency
- Trade setups
- Fast technical support for all your trading questions
- Over 30 online recorded videos
plus much, much more....

Money Back Guarantee

We offer a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee with every purchase made via this page. If you are not satisfied with the content throughout the education, we will gladly refund your purchase.
The price has been kept very reasonable for the amount of content within the course.
Your small investment today can be gained within the first week of applying these methods.

You get all of our 30 videos plus future bonus recordings for $795.

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