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Trading involves risk and is not suitable for every investor.

Last updated 31/8/2012

General Advice
Any information throughout the Just Eminis website is general information only. Your personal financial circumstances are unique. Just Eminis, the author, presenter, promoters or the publishers will not offer advice; only opinions where granted. Do not trade with this information alone. By using JustEminis.com , you accept this website is for education purposes and you will not hold any person, member or entity responsible for loss or damages.
Futures trading can incur large rewards, not forgetting large potential risk also. You must be aware of the risk involved and accept them in order to trade futures.
Do not trade with money you can not afford to lose.
No representation is made that any account will achieve results, whether it be gains or losses similar to those discussed throughout this website.
Past performance is not indicative of future results.

Performance Disclaimer
Past performance whether gains or losses should not be taken as a guarantee that you will also achieve the same results. All results shown throughout the Just Eminis website does not promise any person or entity will achieve the same results when trading a live account. If any person uses the methods outlined in the Just Eminis Education to make trading decisions, they do so at their own risk. These methods outlined incur both winning and losing trades. The author, presenter, promoters nor the publishers will bare any responsibility or liability for any action taken. At no point has a guarantee or promise been made that profits will arise by following and implementing Just Eminis Online Education or any of the concepts taught. This is also true for the author. Trading opportunities are interpreted differently. Every traders risk tolerance is different, so it is impossible to achieve exact or similar results in some cases.

High Risk Warning
Trading futures has large potential rewards. It MUST be understood that your potential risk can be greater than your gains. Instruments that incorporate leverage can be highly dangerous if not properly understood and practiced. Leverage can work for you aswell as against you. Trading involves risk and is not suitable for every investor. You should only use risk capital. Such capital can either earn spectacular returns over a period of time, or may dwindle and extend below the initial amount invested. The loss of risk capital should not affect your living circumstances. To clarify; do not trade with grocery money. Do not trade with money you can not afford to lose. This also extends to borrowed money. Just Eminis, the author, presenter, promoters or the publishers will not accept liability for any loss or damages.

The content throughout this website is Copyright © 2012 - Just Eminis.com . All original work created by George M. Borg is copyright and is not permitted to be copied, sold, re-produced, given away or circulated without the authors consent. The copyright extends to any materials, articles, videos, courses, images, logos, documents, comments or emails which fall under the same law of copyright and original works.
All purchased products and/or content is for personal use only.
If you are in breach of these terms, understand that you are breaching copyright laws and you are legally liable in a court of law. Content throughout the Just Eminis Online Education such as images, documents, videos, articles, interviews, spreadsheets, and comments are all added with permission and shall remain the property of their original producer. All other content which is original work of George M. Borg remain the property of JustEminis.com .

Age Requirement
Depending on which country you live in, the laws of being able to open a brokerage account can be slightly different. In Australia, you must be over the age of 18 to trade. Other countries may have a different minimum age; please check with your local laws for trading requirements.
You may still access the information throughout the Just Eminis website to learn strategies and money management rules to set you on a guided path for trading.
You're never too young (or too old for that matter) to learn!!!

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