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What is the Emini S&P?

We only need to know the basics to begin making money right from the start - even if you have never traded before.

In saying so, please take note:
DO NOT assume trading is easy; if it was simple you wouldn't be here reading this. Failing forward is key!
DO NOT begin to make financial arrangements after a handful of successful trades. Growing into an independant trader takes years.

Our Trading Room hours
We trade everyday the CME is open.
Our room opens at 9.00am E.S.T. to begin our trading day. The moderator allows this time for members to set up; adjusting sound and other PC properties. At 9:00am, commentary will commence all the way up to 1:00pm.

Basics to what we do
In a nut shell, we trade a U.S. market on a daily basis.
A 24 hour, 5 day a week market that is open for trading anytime of the day. The main trading hours that we trade is between 9:30am to 4:15pm E.S.T. So where ever you live in the world, you can trade the e-mini S&P.

Current World Market Times
City Time
Los Angeles 02:12:42 am
New York 05:12:42 am
London 10:12:42 am
Hong Kong 06:12:42 pm
Tokyo 07:12:42 pm

The required starting capital is very low compared to what you may assume. Most brokers can start you up with as little as $2500.00.
From here, you could begin trading for a very attractive income. It would be possible to achieve an average return of $500.00 a week when following a very conservative method.

We take advantage of small, incremental moves during the day. This is called intra-day trading.
You can also take larger swing trades, these can often last up to 5 days.

We can make money on the way up and down. Where most people assume buying low and selling high is the only way to trade.

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