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Repeatedly take from the novice trader.

The pros were novice traders at one time or another. So don't worry; there is hope.

As with every field within the financial industry, you will always find professionals who are good at what they do. Basically, knowing your field thoroughly would give you an edge above the rest.

This is true throughout life.

Their techniques are ones that not every trader can handle. Their threshold levels would generally be greater than most whilst maintaining confidence in their decisions. So it's only natural to see these professionals rise and become even stronger.

During any price move, the novice likes to wait for a lot of confirmation to enter a trade. You would be surprised to know the professional is already in. Subsequently, they have lightened their positions which puts them in a risk free trade. During this whole process, the novice is still contemplating entry. The move could nearly be over. You can see the outcome clearly with this information. The novice enters the already completed move, then price turns and makes a charge for their stop-loss. Ouch!!!

The move against their position is yet another trade taken by a professional. This would be a better trade for them. It's entering the market at a level where most would never oppose the last direction. They can push price while collecting stop-losses along the way.

Just Eminis wait for these patterns to evolve, then enter with the top 5 percent.

The professionals have mastered executing the uncomfortable. Early entry with impeccable risk management is the key.

These techniques are very simple. Do not confuse this with being easy.

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