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George M. Borg - The Emini Day Trader

Hi traders, my name is George M. Borg.

Before I tell you my story, I need to make something clear from the beginning. I have not been involved in the markets for over 20 years. I am not an ex-floor trader who has become obsolete, I am not a market expert and I am yet to make my million dollars. You see, I'm an average bloke who got hooked while catching a glimpse of a traders lifestyle. After all, it can't be that hard; right?

Well, the quick version is - I have made a lot of money trading the S&P emini futures in a few short years. I have replaced my income and kissed the boss goodbye. There you go! I told you it wasn't that hard.

Did I forget to mention how many accounts I have blown up? Let me tell you the full story. So here goes......

When you're stuck in the daily grind, you're on a mission in search for that little something. I got sick of looking at four walls in my office. Not to mention my ugly boss. Is this it? I'm 34 and hadn't achieved much from life. I began to blend into the furniture. The money was OK, but I was never free. I needed something else.

So I went to my first trading seminar and heard about e-minis. This was my very first introduction to any kind of investment in the markets and boy was I scared. So I put my cash down and signed up for the course. Eight thousand dollars later and a $300.00 a month trading room, we would wait for trades to be called. All I had to do was follow a pro-trader and if I calculate my position correctly, I'll be able to make a living out of it. That's it. I'm gonna to be rich!
A few months went by and lets just say this reputable Australian company couldn't even call a trade to cover the monthly fee of the room; great! Where's the education? Within a few months of my sign up, this millionaire trader had been promoted to a higher paying project and neglected his initial members. To be part of this new group, you needed to front a further $20K to really get taught this magical system. Nice. The sales pitch was amazing - to the unsuspecting prospect that is. See you later...........

buy and sell

Then there was my second education program. This was a little different. I really connected with this mentor. This trader is highly respected throughout the industry and a real genuine guy. No trading room, just pure education at the right price. I had learnt so much from just a few basic online videos. He spoke a lot about market internals and picking the right entries.
After that, I should be okay............well............more lost dollars to the markets and still on this endeavour.

Bouncing between trading rooms, I began to focus on one thing. Discipline. Something I didn't have. The discipline in trading that is.

How could this be? I've done pretty well with other ventures in my life, why was this such an uphill battle? Why would my account suffer hit after hit? Losses always outweighing the gains. An embarrassing profit and loss at the end of every month. AARRRGGGHHH!!!!!

Just as I was about to throw in the towel, I read a book of which I had heard so much about. Trading in the Zone written by Mark Douglas. Actually I lie. I had downloaded the audio book from audibles.com. This was the turning point in my career. Listening to it in the car or when I'm kicking back on the sofa; it was always on. I actually remember sitting in my car parked in my driveway listening to this audio book around midnight. Boy was I dedicated. Even now, I make the commitment to listen in at least once a week for an hour or two. It's not to difficult and it really keeps me on track. This book has helped me immensely. It has saved me a bucket load also.
So I would strongly advise to find a book that you connect with. It's extremely critical you find a match. Not all trading gurus make great mentors. If a trainer puts you to sleep, find someone else. Don't put yourself through the punishment. If the connection is not there, your heart will not be in it. It's easy to blame your mentor. Which brings me to my next point.

Always take responsibility for your actions. No one in the world is going to take your trades for you (unless you're paying for a managed service of some kind). So being able to step up and pull the trigger when it's time, must come from within.


The thing that really attracted me to trading is that we all begin on a level playing field, regardless of your expertise. Anyone can do this business and be a success. I'm a true testament to that. After being doubted by my own family, it always felt like going to war every day. The flame within could never be blown out. So I soldiered on. I found with a low financial outlay there was very little risk in building an income generating asset. It hasn't taken very long but I can genuinely say; I have done it. I am yet to hit my million dollars, but with compounding, the target is near.

With this in mind, let me make this commitment. I can strengthen your account. Not just by striving for my own success, but by offering the opportunity to others. I have made more mistakes than you will ever make. I have done it all. I have paid over $25,000 in courses, education and mentors and I still couldn't make any money. It was the guidance of a mentor that I could connect with. Nothing else. Only then was I able to open my eyes and really trade with an advantage over most.

To trade with decipline in an environment where there are no rules. Master this and become part of the minority. That is it!

Why am I an authority on this subject? You don't need to be a pro to succeed. Follow the top 5% and you will see the difference immediately. I've taught traders all around the globe. As an educator it has become my passion. In turn, this has lead me to set up the Just Eminis website. It is my personal goal to continually help you reach your target.

It's Day Trading - Made Easy.

George M. Borg

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