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Comments from members and clients

Scott G (in the trading room) 12-12-2012

- Just wanted to say thanks...I'm learning a lot about how I've been reading the market incorrectly...this is great George...!

- I've never understood why the market goes to the places it goes to and reasons why it changes direction...targets etc...

George 12-12-2012

..." commentary in the trading room "...

Scott G (in the trading room) 10-12-2012

- Great Video on Friday...you definitely hit home on the realities of trading...

George 10-12-2012

..." commentary in the trading room "...

Martin, Devo & Emily (in the trading room) 6-12-2012

- It was a 08.50 limit.

- I am depending on the earlier break to take me into the 19s.

- Still in George.

- yes - still learning - thx

George 6-12-2012

..." commentary in the trading room "...

Jim D, John F & Scott G (in the trading room) 3-12-2012

- do we have an entry in this trend

- amateurs focus on the moves...pro's focus on the probabilities...because it worked this one time is meaningless...

- yes

- I had to step out for about an hour.........have we entered any trades yet ?

- OK..........thanks

- got a majic fill 1411.5 4 pt


George 3-12-2012

..." commentary in the trading room "...

breakeven & Jim D (in the trading room) 30-11-2012

- might call it a day. got my 5 pts.

- everyone in 1412

- no im going

- 5 pt i would also

- week worth of work for most everyone

George 30-11-2012

..." commentary in the trading room "...

Gene 9-11-2012

Hi George !

I want to take the time to thank you for sending me these video on a daily basis, they are really helpfull in getting a feel for your approach in the market.I look forward to watching them everyday.

Its not very often you come across someone who is so straight forward and clear cut on their trade set-up as yours is. The risk to reward is fantastic.

Thanks for helping us little guys in the market.

Will be looking forward to being in the room after Thanksgiving Holidays, until then ...

Appreciate it very much ... Gene.

George 10-11-2012

Hello Gene,

Your email is very kind and warm. It has really completed my week when I read your message going into the weekend.

My family and I are very thankful.

My website is only very new and as you can see, we are starting a very close knit trading community with our members.

Trading is not only difficult, it's also a very lonely business. It is my goal to build rapport and long term relationships with all traders.

We often bounce ideas off one another to gain market sentiment throughout the day. This is always a great help.

I am just an average bloke who has found a method that suits me and fits well. It's not an aggressive style, which means there are some days where we may be waiting a while. But patience makes a good trader.

Anything you may require Gene, please let me know.

I enjoy replying to all my messages.

Thank you again.


Rick 18-11-2012

I am interested in daytrading the eminis.

I have a 30,000 account. Is that enough to trade?

What is your risk per contract? If trading multiple contracts, do you scale out/in to positions?

Thank you

George 18-11-2012

G'day Rick,

The eminis are a very lucrative instrument to trade and you don't need a $30,000 account to begin with.

I personally would advise to start trading with a $5,000 account and attempt to double it. Keep your money in your pocket until the 5 turns into 10. If you start with 30, I'm not sure where you will be in six months.

As a per contract risk, we usually trade off a maximum threshold on the full account; for example I trade with a 2% risk of my overall capital, on any one trade. We are very stringent on these rules.

We trade two different methods in the room; one conservative and one aggressive style. They both use different scale in and out approaches. Within minutes, most of our trades are practically risk free.

What happens afterwards really depends on market sentiment. We discuss this all day in the trading room.

Wade 18-11-2012


I found your website in my last effort in trading the eminis and I really like what I see, but I do have a couple of questions if that is ok, does your online course teach the same trading for what you are doing in the room and also does your trades give you time to place the orders or do you have to be quick with the finger to trade your methods...

thanks for your time...

George 18-11-2012

G'day Wade,

Once you get to know me, I am a very slow but steady trader. Meaning our trade setups can take hours to develop, so I'm sure you'll have plenty of time. Hahaha.

The Online Education Course goes through step by step exact entries, exits and ofcourse profit targets that we take in the room on a daily basis. These are our conservative, 5:1 reward to risk trades.

We also offer a more aggressive trade in the room when observed, quick scalps averaging 3:1 reward:risk.

Being an aggressive style, it's understandable the win:loss ratio is significantly reduced.

Once the methods are grasped in the Online Education, you will quickly understand our setups and reasons for entry in the trading room.

Any other questions Wade, please let me know.

I answer all members questions live in the trading room as price evolves.

One more thing, which you have reminded me about, a few years ago in my build up, there was a trader with a trading room whom I could not follow. Problem was, I wasn't fast enough. My wife quickly brought this to my attention. As you can see, she's the quick one in the house. I soon realized, it wasn't me.

No body could follow this guy.

Our methods are widely used and you will be very surprised with what you will see in only a weeks worth of trading with us.

Thanks for your enquiry.


mirko 16-11-2012

Hi, how come the results for Aug, Sep & Oct don't show all trading days?

George 16-11-2012

Hello mirko,

There are obvious holes in my current result pages.

Firstly, August is generally a good month to take a break from trading as you may be aware.

It is usually a very volatile period without the participation of the usual professionals.

The other months quoted in your enquiry where periods where I have been busy setting up my website,

trading room and on top of all that, my family and I have just moved into our new home.

So it's been a busy couple of months.

I will be trading solidly from now on.

It may look as if I have only shown the positive days, although I assure you this isn't the case.

Thanks mirko.


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