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$1 Trading Room for S&P Emini Day Traders

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We trade the Emini S&P every morning the CME is open. You'll get to see the critical levels to buy, sell and to take profits.

The first 3 days: $1.00

If you like what you see and make a few bucks, your trial will automatically upgrade to a non-members monthly subscription unless cancelled. Non-members subscription is $149.00 per month. When you purchase the Emini Enforcer Package, you will recieve a discount subscription at $99.00 per month. You may cancel at any time.

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Trading Room subscribers have unlimited access to:

- our daily trading room from between 9.00am to 1.00pm E.S.T.
- 24 hour chat room with other like minded traders
- the full range of training videos (excludes Emini Enforcer)
- support material
- live trading room support
- and all the tools used daily to spot the great trades.

What happens in the trading room?
You'll get to see our trades live as the price action evolves throughout the trading day.

Can I follow the moderator?
We draw our technical setups ahead of time, rather than guessing with the more commonly used lagging indicators. Retail traders hope and pray the market market moves in their direction. We only execute high probability trades where both risk and reward have been established. So you get to follow a leading indicator and know ahead of time whether the setup suits you. This is what makes a professional trader.

How can I stop losing money?
Most retail traders quit or lose their entire trading capital within the first few months. This trading room has been established to guide the novice or struggling trader. The information you will here in the simulcast is for the purpose of education. Now just to clarify, we do not call trades. We offer technical analysis throughout the trading day. You will see the exact levels of where we enter and exit our positions.

Can I learn the method or do I need to rely on the moderator?
We want you to establish a solid and profitable trading plan that you will be able to execute and trade for years to come.

I fight the markets only to become frustrated. Can you help?
If you feel like you're in a continual battle with the S&P emini market, your $1 investment to our day trading room is sure to bring relief. We keep it simple so there's no confusion. Our members are encouraged to ask questions throughout the trading day. We were all struggling traders once.

Will I get results?
Every ones threshold is different. It is likely your results will slightly differ from ours. It takes time to develop and trust a trading plan. To be able to execute a trade doesn't take skill. Anybody can click a mouse. To be able to control and manage risk is the key. Results will soon follow.

Why is this trading room different than the others?
We understand that every trader is unique. We all hunger for that steadily rising equity curve. During your $1 trial period into our trading room, you will see how we strategically place ourselves into winning positions at the earliest possible opportunity. This locks us into a position where we can trade in a risk free environment - which the retail trader will never grasp. The moderator will lay out a trading plan to capture profits along the way to our final, high probability targets. On a good trading day, a full target is usually over 5 points.

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