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Why you get stopped out every time.

Have you ever wondered why your stops get hit? Then the market turns back in your original direction?

This is called stop running. Intentional and strategic trades executed by the professionals.

The market is in a clear down trend. Price retraces a little then continues down. You see this as an opportunity for a short entry. Everything looks great. You plan your stop loss above the retrace and then you sell into the market. It moves down a little, although it’s struggling for some reason. You watch the price come up to your entry and begins to hover where it shouldn’t – on the wrong side of your break even. The price gets closer to your stop loss. ……… and then…………. BANG!!! Stopped out.

You will see this happen quite often at a significant support and resistance. The focus is at a level where the majority of retail traders place their protective stop losses, usually just above the previous high. This is the maximum pain threshold for most. A level which becomes obvious to the pro trader.

With this knowledge in hand, the pro knows where the big prize is waiting for them. Your stop loss. So they push the market just past this level for the big prize.

These traders need to be able to move the market to do so. Sometimes even working in groups.

This becomes apparent with screen time. It's most obvious while watching the Time and Sales. Most charting programs have this option. If you watch close enough, you will see high participation at these levels.

Cashing in on your misfortunes.

This is stop running.

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